Story N˚7: Raincoat days

June has begun in a steady row of chilly, rainy days. Not that I don’t like a grey, rainy day, but summer seems to be nowhere in sight, and after all the teasing that May did to us. But NYC is what it is weather-wise: you take what you get.
 When it’s perfectly warm and blue out with white clouds and leafy green trees far and wide, we all run to the park or beach, or rooftops- anywhere where to be outside! When the weather is less pleasant, and one has to be out in it, there’s weather gear abound. My go-to on these rainy days is my vintage navy trench with white piping, circa 1970 (according to DallasVintageCouture on Etsy). The maker Misty Harbor, headquartered in Manhattan, has been around since 1961 and is still making a variety of outerwear (
I bought my raincoat a few decades back in Salt Lake City. I was a devoted thrift shopper, and this was a time when vintage was not so pricey. Salt Lake had several great thrift and vintage boutiques, not sure if it is still true, but I’d guess and hope the large thrift stores, Savers and Deseret Industries, are still going strong.
What I love about this raincoat is the vintage, Audrey Hepburn-look I get to pull off. It works better with an umbrella than with my electric blue bike helmet, but biking in the rain works with this coat, I found out. Pretty and practical. This coat has surpassed “trend” to become a staple in my style collection: those clothes that become timeless and get to ebb and flow in my life as needed. In other places I’ve lived this coat just wasn’t useful-  Phoenix, too dry; Orlando, too hot; Brooklyn, just right! I’m happy to have held onto it.
I will note that cloth was made and treated to last back in the day, and minimal washing and regular spot cleaning help outwear last longer, which reduces cost and waste.

Here’s to a sunny and soon Summer!