Story N˚ 8: A November Wedding


My parents got married 45 years ago today.  November 1970:  the Empire waist was still popular from the 60’s, and there were plenty of maxi dresses to counter the mini skirt.  Respectable girls, like my mom, kept their skirts around knee length.  And so, my mother chose an Empire waist dress from an Yves Saint Laurent Vogue pattern for her wedding.  I include photos for those of you who love vintage patterns like I do.

She made a sample dress to test the pattern in a glimmery black polyester crepe.  I’m pretty sure it’s polyester, because it is still in perfect shape. My mom remembers going out dancing in this sample dress and feeling madly in love.


I still have this crepe dress in my vintage collection, and wore it in my college days. We would go to “best dress” parties, and this was the perfect outfit for those occasions.  (Note the respectable length is the shortest hem of the bunch.)


My sister, Cate, wore my mom’s dress when she got married. Fortunately, my mom has held on to her gown to this day. (I can’t say the same for my own wedding dress, or my marriage for that matter.)  And although my deceased father isn’t here to share this anniversary, I have no doubts they still love each other.

Here’s to lasting love and dresses that cross generations!


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A native Floridian, I'm in New York City to follow my creative pursuits- textile art, clothing design, museum loitering, people watching...

3 thoughts on “Story N˚ 8: A November Wedding”

  1. What a wonderful story! Your parents are beautiful! It so easy now to understand where you come from! You are blessed to have your moms talents and their combined good looks!
    Your dad lives on in you.
    I love the dresses!!! And the patterns!
    So fun! Keep writing!!


  2. Touched my heart for many reasons. You look beautiful in the dress. And I agree with Mich, your Dad lives on in you. I love the stories – want more! HUGS!


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