Story N˚ 11: Winter Blues

I don’t have the winter blues, thank goodness.  Rather, I love the color Blue, and have come to love Winter in the north (it took me about 3 winters to be able to say so).  I imagine January as a blue month:  I see blue shadows on the snow, the pale blue of a cold dawn, or glimpses of brilliant blue sky between bare brown trees and racing clouds.  Not surprisingly, I have a remarkable number of blue clothing and accessories.  Here are my faves that are keeping me warm this winter:

  1. My most recently acquired accessory: this Nepalese handmade wool blanket scarf was given to me by a sweet friend who is so encouraging of my clothing design ambitions.  I first wore this to the airport in December.  It is so soft and cozy, and I noticed the vibrant blues turned a lot of heads my way.


2. Before I moved to NYC, I picked this plaid flannel shirt out of a crowded swap meet pile back in Florida.  I had a lovely group of herbalist/permaculturist friends at the time who did things like swap clothes, and share food and music on the front porch.  I was able to find my path and begin my journey on it, thanks to their influence.  This shirt is one I like to wear to draw in; a studio shirt, if you will.  I did have it on once when helping a short-term boyfriend paint his apartment.  There are still paint smudges on the front pocket to mark that event.  I need to do more drawings and make more memories in this shirt.


3. For my birthday in 1995 (yeah, 21 birthdays ago), I bought myself these Kickers in Cordoba, Argentina.  They were worn by every adolescent on the street there, and I fell in love with them.  I have worn them off and on throughout the years, and I’m happy to note they are still kicking.  I recently dusted them off and began to wear them again.  On the first outing, the subway car I got onto was full of Argentine men on vacation.  I watched them look at my shoes and whisper to each other.  I tried not to grin, but I felt coy and very cool.  I love these shoes, and find that other people do, too.



Story N˚ 10: New Year!

Once upon a time, the sun and wind had a competition to see who was the stronger, more powerful one. (The wind may have felt insecure, and instigated this.)  The contest:  which of them could make a man remove his coat.

The wind went first, blowing and gusting ferociously against the man, who surely fell down, but his coat stayed on.  The wind stopped to let the sun have its turn.  The sun did nothing but shine and glow in the sky, as it always does.  The man felt warm and removed his coat.

The wind, despite all its efforts to force the man’s coat off, was defeated by the sun’s power.  That power came from simply being the sun.

My former father-in-law told me this parable when I was struggling a few years ago.  (It is a stretch for clothestories, but there is the coat.)  I didn’t understand what he was trying to say then, but today I fully realize what I can do when I simply allow myself to be: who I am, how I am.  I have been working valiantly to clear away paradigms and societal norms that don’t serve me, like the one about mindlessly consuming cheap food, clothes, etc.  This is a life process, but I see my best and truest Self emerge which gives me the confidence to just Be.  And to just Be is bringing health, happiness and wonderful people into my life in unprecedented ways.

Here’s to a simple, steady 2016, and more clothestories to share!